All classes are $100 and last approximately 8 hours.

Ladies Only Classes:  If you would prefer to have a class with a group of your girlfriends instead of not knowing who is going to be in the class, we can arrange a class session for 6 - 12 of you and your friends.  You arrange the people and we will schedule the date.  The arranger can take the class for free and the friends all get the $10 discount.  Contact us for more information.

Married folks, couples or bring a friend and take 10% off your total cost.  You have to call us to set this up as our website isn't set up to do this.


Group Discounts: If you can find 4 other friends to take the class, the friends get a group discount and you can come for free!  You must call to arrange this.

Class fees are transferable to the next scheduled class only if there is room.  Class fees are non-refundable.

Retake A Class:  It is common concept that students pick-up more information the more times they take a class.  If you are a previous student and would like to re-take a course you have participated in, please contact us by email or phone and we will reserve a spot for you in that class for $10 off the regular price

Equipment Rental:

Pistol, holster and magazines - $20

Rifle, sling and magazines       - $30

Rented handguns are all Glock 9mm variants. Rifles are all .223 variants. Students are responsible for purchasing their own ammo prior to class.

Individual training is available at $75 / hour, three hour minimum.


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