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Russell P. 04/2013 Defensive Pistol: I am relatively new to handguns, and

in my limited experience I had already developed some bad habits. After a

few hours with these guys, not only was my shooting markedly improved,

but I also had tools to improve myself over time through self-study. These

guys are very professional, easy to work with, courteous, and extremely

knowledgeable. It was a privilege to get the opportunity to have this course

with them and I would highly recommend them to anyone with an interest in

learning how to safely use handguns for personal protection


Kirsten J. 04/2013 Defensive Pistol: It's amazing to me how far I

have come from just attending two of your classes. It wasn't that long ago

that handguns scared the crap out of me! …. Having someone take the time

to properly train me on the safety, seriousness, and also the fun you can

have with a gun has been awesome. Your class made me feel comfortable

to admit that I was scared and have a safe, yet fun way to work through

my insecurities.


I have had my pistol for about a year now and have only shot it 4 times

and never carried it with me because I felt scared to use it. Now I feel more

confident in my skills and although I know I need lots more practice, I feel

like I could protect myself if it came to that.


Thanks so much! You guys offer such a wonderful chance for people to

learn the proper skills to take their safety into their own hands (literally) and

do so in a safe and responsible manner. I would recommend this class to

anyone, of any skill level. I believe it is so important for people to get proper

training when deciding to use/carry a handgun. I know what it can be like to

get inadequate, unsafe training and I hope that can be avoided, because guns

deserve seriousness and safety above all!


Randy H. 04/2013 Defensive Pistol: I found Defensive Pistol I covered

a surprising variety of training and information. Scott Giesick and Nate

Martin are a top-notch team – outstanding. I believe anyone who is going

to conceal, carry or keep a pistol for defense, will finish the course safer and

better equipped to make good decisions in all respects. They will be able

to shoot more accurately and learn how to shoot in a variety of situations. I

can’t recommend it highly enough, and have done so to my friends.


John H. 03/2013 CCW: Your CCW class yesterday was outstanding and

was extremely helpful to me. But your instruction went way beyond what was presented in class. Your demo on hollow point ammo not loading in

some guns may have prevented a catastrophic situation for us in the future.

My bedside gun is a Colt Mark IV 45 and my practice gun in a Springfield

45. I have shot some hollow points in the practice gun with no problems,

but never tried the Colt. So this morning I tried to load a hollow point into

the Colt and it immediately jammed. Several additional attempts were also

unsuccessful. Since this is my primary defense gun, if I had not attended

your class, in a crisis it would have immediately jammed and been totally

useless. So many thanks for all the information that you provided us. It may

have well saved us serious personal harm in the future.


Pat S. 04/2013 CCW: Thank you both for your excellent instruction – the

time spent was very worthwhile.


David G. 04/2013 CCW: What a fun class! These guys know their stuff.


Andrew P. 04/2013 CCW: From the new shooter to the seasoned veteran,

this class is a great start or review of the fundamentals of pistol shooting.


Shannon P. 04/2013 Defensive Pistol: Nate and Scott have the knowledge,

patience and enthusiasm for teaching. I have never shot so well, so

consistently, as I did with their instruction. Practicing each skill, step by

step, gave me a solid understanding of the basics. I also appreciated their

strong emphasis on safety. Thank you Nate and Scott, for improving my

confidence and ability with a firearm. It was time and money well spent.

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